Enhancing Baseball Betting with Total Bases

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Total Bases Betting

Total bases betting is a popular prop market in baseball and can be a lucrative wager when done properly. Bettors must be mindful of a batter’s quality, their recent performance trends, and the opposing pitcher.

Unlike over/under bets, total base odds require a well-thought-out strategy. Unlike the “to get a hit” odds, total bases odds have more aspects to consider.

What is a total base bet?

A total bases bet is a MLB player prop market that allows you to wager on how many bases a batter will record in a game from their at-bats. A single awards a player one base, a double will award them two, and a home run will award them four. This bet is much less volatile than a total hits or runs bet as it only factors in the number of bases that are recorded through the player’s at-bats.

Total Bases bets do not include walks, Hit by Pitch, stealing bases, reaching bases on errors, or fielder’s choice, so bettors should thoroughly research a player and their team before placing a bet. Sharp bettors will look at a player’s hitting stats and trends and compare them to the pitcher they will face in a game. They will also analyze a player’s speed in getting to the bases. This is a fun and profitable bet that can add variety to your baseball betting strategy.

How do total base bets work?

A total base bet is a type of MLB prop bet that allows you to place a wager on the number of bases a player or team will reach in a game. This bet is often found under MLB Props at sportsbooks. The key to making a successful total bases bet is to find favorable odds. For example, if a White Sox hitter historically does well against Kansas City’s starter you may like the plus-money odds for three and four total bases.

A bettor will only be credited for a total base if the batter hits a single (one base), double (two bases), triple (three bases), or home run (four bases). Walks and stolen bases do not count toward a hitter’s total bases. This makes a total bases bet one of the most popular MLB betting props. However, it can be challenging to predict a batter’s performance. This is why it’s important to research a player’s recent hitting history and how they hit against different pitchers.

How do I place a total base bet?

Total base bets can be placed as a standalone prop or as part of a larger betting strategy. Typically, these bets will have an over/under number set and bettors can choose either the over or under. Bettors should do their research on the players and teams they are betting on, as well as the matchup. For example, if a White Sox player is known for hitting home runs and Kansas City starts a left-hander you may want to take advantage of the higher plus-money odds on three or four total bases.

Also keep in mind that only hits count toward a batter’s total bases, so if a player has a single, double, and a triple but does not have a home run they will still finish the game with six total bases (although the stolen base and walk do not count). With this information, bettors can find profitable total base picks for any MLB slate.

What are the advantages of total base bets?

Total base bets can offer much better payouts than standard “to get a hit” odds. However, they also require a well-thought out betting strategy as they have more aspects to consider than other types of MLB prop bets. For example, a batter will only be credited with bases that they gain from hits, so stolen bases and hit-by-pitches do not count towards their total base count.

You generally want to choose a batter with a consistent batting average who you know will get hits but also one that has some power, as an extra-base hit or home run can win you the bet in one swing. Moreover, you can add additional total bases to a betting line to achieve higher odds and bigger payouts.

You can place a bet on total bases at any sportsbook that offers MLB games and has a good mobile app. Most major online bookmakers have these props available as standalone bets or as part of a same-game parlay.

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